A Powerful and Proven customer service program for continued business success and growth in today’s
competitive marketplace.  If you want to make staggering profits with your customer service approach, this comprehensive
program is an absolute a must


The Secrets of 
Superior Service

Discover The Fortune That Lies Hidden In Giving Your
Customer Unbelievable Service Experience!

From : Alex Choong - Synergy Entire, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
To : People who has the passion to deliver unbelievable service experience.

Do you know good customer service is No Longer Enough?

It has to be superior, 'WOW', and unbelievable!

But competition is a healthy thing. It's what drives companies to improve services, improve quality,
create faster deliveries and to ultimately have more satisfied customers. 

Delivering good customer service just like every other company will not set your company apart,
ahead or above the other millions of companies who are trying to get your customer's dollar.

BUT unbelievable customer service does! 

Here’s something crucial you should know :

Unbelievable customer service is founded on a couple of non-earth shattering and basic concepts.
The essence of unbelievable customer service is forming a relationship with customers - a relationship
which individual customer feels that he would like to pursue.  

Yes! Unbelievable customer service is all about bringing customers back!

It is service that goes beyond the customer's expectations. Times have changed so radically and
customers buying habits have changed so drastically, you simply can’t afford to keep throwing
money out the window
on outdated strategies and techniques. 

8 Powerful Benefits That You and Your Team
Will Gain From This Comprehensive Program 

1. Understand eight key principles that will lead you to Superior Service
Each principle is explained in entertaining detail. You will quickly understand and apply what you’ve learned

2. Take concrete action to improve your service, right now
Every section of this program features specifications you can take right away to
improve and deliver better service.

3. Achieve new levels of customer satisfaction, loyalty ... and delight!
People everywhere are looking for, and demanding, better service. Your customers will
notice the difference.

4. Gain additional business from loyal customers who buy more,
and more often

Your profits will improve with repeat business from your customers. Learn how to give them
the service they want and deserve. Serve them right and they will keep coming back for more.

5. Win new customers from constant referrals and “positive word of mouth”
The most credible and powerful advertising is the testimonial of a delighted customer. When happy
customers talk, people listen.

6. Build a shared language for service
To lay a foundation for continuous service progress, get everyone speaking the same service language!
Share these ideas and concepts with everyone on your team: your staff, managers, colleagues, vendors,
suppliers... and even your customer partners.

7. Educate with “the moral of the story”
One of the best ways to educate is through examples that inspire and entertain. Use the stories in this
presentation to illustrate your service points, to drive your message home.

8. Become a better customer and you’ll get better service, too
When you give Superior Service, you will understand how to get it, too! Enjoy the Superior Service
you deserve.

Everyone agrees that providing excellent service is essential for continued success in today’s
competitive marketplace. But too  often, people regard quality service as “soft” or fuzzy”... and don’t
know how to make real service progress.

This high-content program clears the fog in an entertaining and upbeat manner,
giving you the understanding and concrete action steps you need for immediate
service improvement.

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This high-energy, interactive presentation features key principles you must
apply to achieve superior service. Packed with true stories,
world-class examples and colorful illustrations.

The Secrets of Superior Service will upgrade your skills and uplift your spirit for service.

By The End Of This Program You Will Learn How To ..

  • Exceed customer expectations
  • Stand out with excellent service mindset
  • Climb the stairs to unbelievable! levels of service
  • Manage your customers’ expectations
  • Discover the benefits of customer complaints
  • Bounce back with effective service recovery
  • Shift from blame and shame to taking personal responsibility
  • See the world from your customers’ point of view

Here are what our clients have to say...

"Simple concept but very enlightening. The differentiation of this class vs others. Is the live examples given;
so rich and real."

Intel Technology Sdn Bhd, Penang

"This is a superb training for all customer service staff and also all staff who are in contact with people.
A training full of energy!"

Prudential Unit Trusts Berhad

"Powerful delivery with down-to-earth examples that
we can relate to and which clearly illustrates
the key messages."


Applying these secrets is the key to your business success!

…with a BONUS presentation  on Superior Service Partners!

Ron will show you how to build successful service partnerships with customers,
suppliers and colleagues.

You will also learn how to:

  • Add more value in all your interactions

  • Increase your reputation and your profits

  • Step up with the “Cycle of Service Improvement”

  • Get more of whatever you want, from whomever you want (really!)

  • Build a stronger and more effective service team

5 Surprise Benefits for You and Your Team From
This Bonus Session

1. Build Your Business
Move up from One Time Transactions, to Repeating Relationships,
to Long-Term, Win-Win Partnerships. Thriving partnerships are
important now, and even more essential for yourprogress in the future.

2. Increase Your Profits
Boost customer loyalty and referrals. Happy patrons spend more today,
and in the future. Their “positive word of mouth” ensures a steady stream of
new customers for you, too.

3. Get More “Bang for Your Buck”
Committed vendors and suppliers can help you save money. They give you
a better deal today.And they can bring you great new ideas for tomorrow.

4. Strengthen Your Crew
Make sure all the people on your team are committed, connected and aligned.
Strong internal partnerships help everyone increase dedication and achieve
growing success.

5. Brighten Up Your Home Team
You can use what you learn in this program with your friends and family members, too.
Enjoy the benefits of better partnership now with your spouse, children, parents, friends
and neighbors. They deserve the best. You do, too!

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New ideas and actions you can implement immediately to improve your organization and deliver superior service.

Research shows it cost 6 times more to get a new customer than it does fix a problem and keep the ones you already have.

What is the lifetime value of your customers? 

According to Tom Peters, legendary management thinker and author, calculates lifetime value
of a customers is $72,000, even if every purchase is only $100

When you complete this program you’ll have every strategies and proven techniques you need
to build an unbelievable customer service oriented company and start increase your bottom line immediately. 

Think about this for a minute : Imagine what it would be like to have the confidence of knowing
your customer service approach is as effective as possible.

Meet Ron Kaufman

Ron Kaufman is an internationally acclaimed educator and motivator for service culture and quality customer service. He is author of the best-selling series ‘UP Your Service!’ and founder of
UP Your Service! College.

Millions have been motivated by Ron’s high-energy speeches and interactive workshops. His repeat clients Millions have been educated and motivated
by Ron’s high energy speeches and interactive workshops.

Ron’s many repeat clients include government agencies, multi-national corporations, industry associations in financial, professional and medical services, high technology, manufacturing, retailing, hospitality, tourism and transportation. and numerous companies in the Fortune 500.

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More of what our clients have to say...

"Very inspiring, educational and positive. Entertaining, with lots of examples for the audience to connect
the concepts with actual realities."

Hewlett-Packard Sales (M) Sdn Bhd

"It is very exciting and interesting, especially how he addresses each scenario. It is also very exciting as
he is constantly prompting the audience to
think and to brainstorm."

Guardian Pharmacy (M) Sdn Bhd

Here’s How You Can Get Started 

We take the pleasure to present to you a One-Day high content program that takes you through
the Proven Approaches and Techniques  that will help to transform your organization to build
customer loyalty and referrals. 

This program is expertly tailored by Ron Kaufman for
organizations in the
Asian context.

  Early Registration One Time Offer
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The Secrets of  Superior Service!
DATE :  10 July 2008
VENUE  : Plenary Theatre Auditorium, KL Convention Center, Kuala Lumpur
TIME :  9:00am - 5:30pm

Plus BONUS presentation  on Superior Service Partners!

For Synergy Entire Clients Only

1-6 participants                    -  RM 980 per participant
7 or more participants         -  RM 880 per participant
(Special Extension : Valid from 15 May - 30June 2008 with payment)

1-6 participants                    -  RM 1580 per participant
7 or more participants         -  RM 1280 per participant
(Valid from 1 July - 10 July 2008 with payment)

Register Now and  SAVE RM400 - RM600 per registration

>>> This seminar is claimable under HDRF – SBL Scheme <<<

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Look who is learning with Ron!

3M, Accenture, Agilent, American Express, Asia Pacific Breweries, AXA, Canon, Cap Gemini, Cathay Pacific, Cisco, Citibank, Changi Airport, Dell, DHL, Dubai Internet and Media Cities, Emirates Airline, Federal Express, Giordano, many Government Agencies, Hertz, Hewlett-Packard, Hilton, Hyatt, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Jollibee, Li & Fung, Lucent, Maersk, Malaysian Airlines, Manulife, Mastercard, Merck, Merrill Lynch, MDRT, Metro, Mobil Oil, Monsanto, Motorola, Nokia, Panasonic, Pepsico, Prudential, Raffles Hotel, Reuters, Seagate, Seagrams, Shell, Sheraton, Siemens, Singapore Airlines, Singapore Tourism Board, SONY, Standard Chartered Bank, Texas Instruments, TNT Express, United Parcel Service, VISA, YPO, Zuellig Pharma ... and many more.


Why You Should Attend

Move your team to greater progress, performance and profits. Learn practical steps
to build strong internal and external
partnerships with your customers
suppliers, managers and staff.

Easy-to-apply, proven techniques to improve your relationships and results.

Learn how to get more of whatever you want from the relationships that matter to you most.


Who should attend

An uplifting presentation for everyone who serves anyone, at all levels in the organization.

Bring everyone on your team!






Your Success Is Completely Backed By Our 100% Guarantee.

Now, in case you have any lingering doubt whatsoever, we want it foolproof
for you. You see, we completely guarantee your success.

Here’s our 100% take it to the bank guarantee :

We guarantee if you make diligent effort to use just a few of the strategies and proven techniques in this program in the next 12 months. If you don’t see results, we will refund your entire investment of the program to you.

If you know for sure you have not benefited from the end of the day, we will
also refund the entire investment of the program to you.

The truth is, you’ll never have to worry about the refund. Because once you
use these powerful and ingenious techniques and see the huge jump in
your business profits.


To your success and look forward to see you and your team at the program.


Alex Choong
Managing Director

P.S. Frankly, I know nothing that could truly make a significant difference in your business than the
infusion of fresh
Proven Approaches and Techniques  that will help to transform your organization
to build customer loyalty and referrals.

P.P.S. have my 100% Risk Free Unconditional Investment-Back Guarantee if after 12 months of using  just a few of the strategies and proven techniques in this program and you're not satisfied - we will refund your entire questions asked.

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