Finally....Highly Interactive Workshop "Writing Back" To Build The Skills You Need To
Effectively Increase Customer Loyalty When You Respond In Writing, In Person
and Over The Phone.

Discover Proven Strategies to Respond
to Customer Complaints When Things
Go Wrong 
and Increasing Customer Loyalty with Effective Written Response - Always

How to Increase Customer Loyalty with Effective
Written Response

From : Doris Chua - Synergy Entire, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dear Customer Service Enthusiast,

Competition is a healthy thing. It's what drives companies to improve services, improve quality,
create faster deliveries and to ultimately have more satisfied customers. 

Delivering good customer service just like every other company will not set your company apart,
ahead or above the other millions of companies who are trying to get your customer's dollar.

 What Sets Your Company Apart When
Customers Do Complain?

Customers do complain and those customers who take the time to write are often badly treated.
They are considered irritants to the system, aberrations, "pain-in-the-neck"  to be quickly
handled...and just as quickly forgotten!

Responding to complaining customers is often delegated to ill equipped administrative staff,
or taken on by senior managers who spend inordinate amounts of time writing labored letters
of apology and explanation.

Both groups lack proper training. Writing back to upset customer is a golden opportunity to
with service recovery and build even higher levels of staff and customer loyalty.

Customers Compliment, too!

While letters of compliment are certainly more comforting to receive, they are rarely answered
in a manner that boosts customer loyalty or increases the likelihood of even more “positive word
of mouth”. In some organizations, letters of compliment are not answered at all!

Once again, lack of proper training lies at the root of this missed marketing and public relations

Customer loyalty and “positive word of mouth” are essential keys to building your brand, and
maintaining a winning edge.

Here are what our clients have to say...

"I have gained great insight into managing customer complaints. The knowledge can be immediately applied to real-world situations I may encounter from time to time. Fabulous!"

"Great learning experience. Didn't expect it to be fun for a serious topic The outline for crafting a response to a compliment and complaint is great! Surely an eye-opener on how to write
differently for now."

Citibank Malaysia

"It was wonderful - full of energy and I 've learnt that no letters are impossible to answer after this 2 days workshop!"
Recall Malaysia


Writing Back! 2008 Preview Video - Cost of Customer Service

10 Points Response Outline

"Writing Back!" is a highly interactive workshop. Participants work in pairs, and in small
groups to craft written replies to a variety of complaint and compliment letters.

Master the style and skillful use of Ron Kaufman's '10-point outline' for replying to customer
complaints and compliments.

The workshop is not a grammar class, not a course in fundamentals of sentence construction.
This is an effective course on what to say, what not to say, plus why and how to say it!

"Writing Back" includes two pages of reading . This homework is reviewed and discussed on the
morning of the second day

"Writing Back!" Course Outline

1 Introduction: Review of your experiences in Writing Back!
2 Who actually invests the time to write? A realistic review of customer profiles.
-  What are they like as customers? What do they really want?
-  Complaints, Compliments, Suggestions & Recommendations
3 What are these customers worth to an organization?
-  What value can they contribute to help you improve?
-  Understanding positive word of mouth.
-  Calculate the lifetime value of a loyal customer.
4 Identifying Key Values in each customer's Complaints or Compliments.
-  How to identify the Value Dimension of greatest importance to your customer.
5 How and why to cite improvements your organization is making to improve  in your customer's preferred Key Value.
6 Everyone Loves a Compliment!
-  Working with the Letter Response Outline for compliments.
7 How to Love Complainers, too.
-  Working with the Letter Response Outline for complaints.
8 The Jamaica Rule
-  How to avoid legal liability and unnecessary difficulties in your written reply.
9 Building a Culture for Consistently Bouncing Back
10 How - and Why - to Follow-Through to ensure customer satisfaction.
    Personal message from Ron Kaufman.....

    The next workshop I conduct in Kuala Lumpur will be "Writing Back!" (Session 1 on
    28 & 29 May 2009  & Session 2 on 22 & 23 October 2009) This is really a fantastic class (two days) that goes beyond the "why" of service recovery and teaches the very specifically successful "how to" of writing back when customers complain.

    I originally built this class for Singapore Airlines, and have now taught it to insurance companies, banks, hospitals, hotels, etc around the world.

    Because seating is limited to just 35 people, don't risk missing out.
    Enroll in this 2 all-day workshop today!

        Key Learning Benefits

    • Reply effectively to angry and upset customers
    • Restore customer's trust and good-will
    • Gain additional loyalty and "positive word of mouth"
    • Avoid legal liability in you letters
    • Use complaints as tools for improvement
    • Leverage compliments to boost staff morale
    • Apply what you learn in writing, in person and over the phone
  • Here are what our clients have to say...

    "No one ever won an argument with a customer, This class showed me how to avoid arguments from the beginning, and how to make my company and my customer into real winners!"
    Cycle & Carriage

    "I came to this seminar with skepticism. I leave a convert. You
    made me realize how my pen, paper and some consideration
    can go a long way towards profitable service recovery."


    "This training has made me realised how important to retain existing customer and how powerful is word of mouth as
    an advertisments."


    New ideas and actions you can implement immediately to improve your
    organization and deliver superior service.


    Meet Ron Kaufman

    Ron Kaufman is an internationally acclaimed educator and motivator for service culture and quality customer service. He is author of the best-selling series ‘UP Your Service!’ and founder of UP Your Service! College.

    Millions have been motivated by Ron’s high-energy speeches and interactive workshops. His repeat clients Millions have been educated and motivated by
    Ron’s high energy speeches and interactive workshops.

    Ron’s many repeat clients include government agencies, multi-national corporations, industry associations in financial, professional and medical services, high technology, manufacturing, retailing, hospitality, tourism and transportation. and numerous companies in the Fortune 500.

    Learn more now! Visit

    More of what our clients have to say...

    "The seminar did not drum into me the importance of
    crafting effective letters. It convinced me."


    One of my staff attended the seminar on Writing Back! I
    must thank you for your fine guidance. She has
    improved tremendously."

    "I 've learnt many new ideas on how I can handle customer's complaint today. I 've been handling customer issues on
    regular basis at work. Now, I certainly know how to
    handle them better.
    Bramble Corporation

    Here’s How You Can Get Started

    We take the pleasure to present to you this intensive TWO-day workshop that is designed and
    conducted by Ron Kaufman. The course is guaranteed to improve your reputation and
    increase customer delight.

    An interactive discussion amongst the participants to be facilitated by Ron Kaufman.

    This workshop is expertly tailored by Ron Kaufman for organizations in the Asian context.

      Early Registration One Time Offer

    Writing Back! 2009 (Final Session)
    Date :  22 & 23 October 2009 (Thursday & Friday)
    Venue : Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur (beside Pavilion Shopping Center, KL)
    Time :  9:00am - 5:30pm

    Your Investment :

    1 - 2 participants                  -  RM 3980 per person
    3 or more participants         -  RM 3480 per person
    (Valid from 16 August - 20 October 2009 with payment)

    This Workshop Is Claimable Under HRDF-SBL Scheme

    Because seating is limited to just 35 people, don't risk missing out.
    Enroll in this 2 all-day workshop  now

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    YES Ron, I Want To Secure a Place For Your Writing Back! 2009 workshop and Take Advantage of this Early Registration One Time Offer Rates.

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    1. Call us at : 
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    To REGISTER for this program, please download the pdf Registration form at 
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    Here are what our clients have to say...

    "I learnt that the Value Dimension should be addressed at both levels -> compliment and complaint. This class is answer to my 'long term' prayer. After these 2 days, I learnt so many valuable tips."
    Hewlett Packard Malaysia

    "I have a great learning experience with the speaker. The program
    is very interesting and the speaker is knowledgeable."
    Employee Provident Fund

    "The program was fun, entertaining and extreme interesting. Participants was highly charged and timely engaged with Ron."
    Public Bank Berhad


    Look who is learning with Ron!

    3M, Accenture, Agilent, American Express, Asia Pacific Breweries, AXA, Canon, Cap Gemini, Cathay Pacific, Cisco, Citibank, Changi Airport, Dell, DHL, Dubai Internet and Media Cities, Emirates Airline, Federal Express, Giordano, many Government Agencies, Hertz, Hewlett-Packard, Hilton, Hyatt, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Jollibee, Li & Fung, Lucent, Maersk, Malaysian Airlines, Manulife, Mastercard, Merck, Merrill Lynch, MDRT, Metro, Mobil Oil, Monsanto, Motorola, Nokia, Panasonic, Pepsico, Prudential, Raffles Hotel, Reuters, Seagate, Seagrams, Shell, Sheraton, Siemens, Singapore Airlines, Singapore Tourism Board, SONY, Standard Chartered Bank, Texas Instruments, TNT Express, United Parcel Service, VISA, YPO, Zuellig Pharma ... and many more.


    Why You Should Attend

    Thousands of participants in government agencies, banks, airlines, insurance companies, hotels, retail outlets, manufacturers, hospitals, and other industries have benefited from this dynamic course

    This multi-level approach enables easy rapport and understanding to grow between the letter “writers” and the final letter “signers”. The
    result is both parties will work more effectively
    together back at the office.




    Who should attend

    Marketing, sales, public relations and customer service managers and executives are appropriate participants for this course. Secretaries and administrative staff may also attend if they are given the responsibility to compose letters of reply to customer complaints and compliments.

    Since this workshop is highly interactive, it is a good opportunity to send participants from “mixed levels” in the company: managers and their secretaries may attend together, executives and administrative support staff can attend and benefit together.

    Writing Back! - 30 & 31 October 2008, Mandarin  Oriental Hotel, KL


    Your Success Is Completely Backed By Our 100% Guarantee.

    Now, in case you have any lingering doubt whatsoever, we want it foolproof
    for you. You see, we completely guarantee your success.

    We guarantee, if you make diligent effort to use just a few of the strategies and proven techniques in this program in the next 12 months. If you don’t see results, we will refund your entire investment of the program to you.

    If you know for sure you have not benefited from the end of the day, we will
    also refund the entire investment of the program to you.


    Here are what our clients have to say...

    "The high energy of the trainer makes this training Unbelievable."
    CIMB Investment Bank

    "Ron was engaging. He managed the session well and kept the discussions/questions relevant - no side tracking to
    irrevelant topics."

    Petrosains Sdn Bhd (subsidirary of Petronas)

    "I learned the important of writing back to complaints as part of a complaints management process which is a strategic opportunity
    to improve my organization, systems, protocols, procedures,
    policies and work processes."

    Kuala Lumpur Hospital


    To your success and look forward to see you and your team at the program.

    Doris Chua

    Event Director

    P.S. Frankly, I know nothing that could truly make a significant difference in your business than the
    infusion of fresh
    Proven Approaches and Techniques that will help to increase customer loyalty
    with effective written response
    which is essential keys to build your brand, and maintaining
    a winning edge

    P.P.S. have my 100% Risk Free Unconditional Investment-Back Guarantee if after 12 months of using  just a few of the strategies and proven techniques in this program and you're not satisfied - we will refund your entire questions asked.

    P.P.P.S. Because seating is limited to just 45 people, don't risk missing out. Enroll in this
    2 all-day workshop  now


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